Celebrating October (plus a "Spiders" Freebie)

Here are some days to remember this October with a few quick ideas for the classroom.  (Don't forget your freebie at the end!)

October 2: National Custodial Worker Day Perfect time to practice letter writing AND to practice showing gratitude for all our school custodians do.

October 5: Do Something Nice Day I don't know why we need a special day to do this, but it might be a fun journal topic. "Tell about a time someone did something nice for you and a time when you did something nice for someone."  

October 9: Fire Prevention Day For older kids, discuss the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which is the event remembered on this day.  Some older students may have read the I Survived #11: The Great Chicago Fire, 1871.
There are many great books for younger students, also.  Here is a quick list: http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/36691.Children_s_Books_about_Firefighters_and_Fire_Safety

October 12: Columbus Day (Check out www.teacherspayteachers.com for some great free and priced Columbus Day products.)

October 16: Dictionary Day This is the birthday of Noah Webster.  Ask your students to think of some words that are in the dictionary today that probably weren't there in 1806. (Examples: tweet, hashtag, selfie, man cave)

October 24: Make a Difference Day  Check out this link: http://makeadifferenceday.com

October 28: National Plush Animal Lover's Day Obviously, bring your favorite stuffed animal to school!

October 29: National Frankenstein Day How about this journal prompt for today?  "Create your own monster.  Describe what it looks like, how it behaves and tell what you will do with your new friend."

October 31: Halloween  Find my free Spider activities below!

October Writing Center: Grades 3-5
October Reading Passages: Grades 2-4
Spiders: Grades 3-5

Free Spider Activities: Grades 2-5

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