Halloween Descriptive Writing

Are you looking for a last minute Halloween activity? Maybe something fun but also engaging and incorporates writing?? I was searching for an activity for my students that was a little "spooky" but also followed the curriculum, too and I couldn't find anything.  So....I created these Halloween Descriptive Writing Task Cards.

These cards can be used to practice descriptive writing, as story starters, journal entries or even as daily warm ups.
How I use them: I give each student a task card and a graphic organizer. (There are 20 task cards. Most are a little scary like the ones below, but there are a few cute ones for those students who may not like Halloween.)  I project the task card on the board while they describe it to the class using their five senses.

Graphic Organizer


Halloween Contests for the Classroom - Free Printables

Looking for some Halloween fun in the classroom? Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love that there are so many great activities to do with students this time of year! I put together a few printables for you to use in your classroom, including a language arts, math and art contest.

  1. Language Arts: Short Story Writing- My students are learning story elements and plot this month. We are reading short stories, but not writing them. So why not have them write a scary short story for Halloween? To get them excited and thinking, we go over possible characters: a witch, a zombie, a vampire, etc. Spooky settings are fun, too! Graveyards, haunted houses. You could even give them a story starter, "It was a dark and stormy night."

 2.  Art: Since it is a little difficult (and dangerous!) to have a pumpkin carving contest, why not have a pumpkin decorating contest with paper? I love any art projects with my ELL kids because I am always amazed at their talent.

3. Math: How Many Candy Corn Are In the Jar? - This is a lot of fun in math class. Of course, you can use any candy for this contest. (I like fall colored M&Ms!)

To download these printables, click here!

Thanks for looking!

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