ESL Classroom Expressions and Commands for Your Classroom

Create a word wall with these classroom expressions and commands for your ESL classroom! I know that getting my students to speak English aloud is a real challenge for me, especially when most of their classmates speak the same home language. I set up words and expressions around the classroom for them to refer to so there are no excuses for not trying English first. These are great for those beginner ESL students who are still learning classroom English. 

Each card has a visual to help students understand what you are saying to them or what they may want to ask you.

Which expressions/questions are included?
  • I have a question.
  • I don't understand the directions.
  • How do you say that word?
  • May I use the dictionary?
  • May I borrow a pencil?
  • Do we have homework?
  • May I work with a partner?
  • May I go to the bathroom?
  • May I sharpen my pencil?
  • May I use my phone?
Teacher commands:
  • Sit down, please.
  • Stand up.
  • Go to the board, please.
  • Write on the board.
  • Put away your books.
  • You may work with a partner.
  • Open you book.
  • Close your book.
  • You may work in groups.
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P.S. In case you haven't downloaded our free ESL classroom vocabulary cards, check them out here!

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