St. Patrick's Day Writing Freebie

I created this lesson as a quick and fun way to practice descriptive writing. It can be used with many grades. Below I have showed an example by a first grader and by a fourth grader. Enjoy!

The first page tells the kids there is a leprechaun loose in the classroom! They must fill out a "Wanted Poster" to catch him quickly! Then you can review what adjectives are and brainstorm some words together or individually.

Next, have students come up with a funny name for the leprechaun and a reward. (My kids chose a "pot of gold" for a reward.) Kids will write a description using lots of adjectives/descriptive words.
Last, they will draw a picture of the leprechaun according to their description.
Display in the classroom for all to see!

"Larry the Leprechaun" completed by a 4th grader.

"Lucky the Leprechaun" completed by a 1st grader.

Thanks for looking! Click here to try out this FREE "Leprechaun Descriptive Writing Activity".

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