Autobiography Writing For ESL Students

My two favorite projects for my ESL students are their Personal Narratives and their Autobiographies. Not only is it great practice using verb tenses, but it also an excellent way to get to know your students.  I am always blown away by the amazing stories they share!
I have just completed uploading a FREE Autobiography project for you to use with your ESL students.

This autobiography has 3 parts: the past, the present and the future. You can use all three parts or just one or two parts depending on the grade level of your students.
You may want to start with Part II "My Life Now" since it covers the present tense. Then continue with "My Past" and "Coming to a New Country" followed by "My Future".

I always review each tense and then give my students the related part. This could be a project that you use throughout the year, culminating in a final Autobiography after learning all three verb tenses.
Or, you can use it all at once for more advanced students.

If you would like to download this FREE autobiography, click here!

Thanks for looking!

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